Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Hat 210

Turns out I didn't have enough Red Heart Purple yarn so switched it to some of that cowl yarn that seems to be never ending!  I thought it made the hat looks kind of neat!

Hat 209

I had gotten some Lion Brand Heartland yarn a while back but didn't have that much left.  Just enough to pair the green, and blue with some white to make stripes! I had more than I thought at the end so added a the little extra!

Hat 208

A while back my sister had given me a cowl from the store that she didn't want.  I took it apart and that purple thin yarn has lasted me through so many hats!  Here it is with just some white yarn, looking all pretty!

Hat 207

So this yarn I had used to make the prettiest scarf for my Aunt!  It came out really nice and I had just enough to give this hat some pretty colored stripes!

Hat 206

Just some Red Heart With Love paired with some Variegated yarn I had in my stash!  Made it a little poofy and mushroom like for cuteness!

Friday, August 18, 2017

Hat 205

Hat 205 is more scrap yarn!!  Luckily a lot of my scraps aren't just small amounts but really the perfect amount for a hat with one or two other yarns.  I really like this black and white striped hat and all the yarns are really really soft!

Hat 204

A friend of mine had given me the grey poofy yarn a while back.  I had made Hat 179 with it and still had some to spare.  It's such a soft yarn that I really wanted to use it on a hat instead of somewhere else.  I just paired it with some thick red yarn.

Hat 203

I had just a little of this pink scrap yarn but it's so pretty I wanted to use it all up!  So I just put a cute little stripe in the hat to show off some color!  The Grey is a Caron Simply Soft yarn!

Hat 202

This past year there have been a few women protests.  My cousins live around the DC area and asked if I could make them some pussy hats!  So I made them a bunch, then made some for the neighbors and in the end I had one left!  Along with this hat having political connotations, in general I find them to be really cute hats!  So thought I'd throw it in for fun.  It's a Caron Simply Soft yarn paired with some shiny colored yarn.  Pretty holey so it can be worn when it's a little hot out.

Hat 201!

Been working half the year on random things for friends and family along with throwing in a hat here and there.  The past month I've been really focusing on making my hats so I'm not churning them out in Dec.  This year will be the year of the scrap hat!  I've been going through a lot of my scrap yarn so there are a few hats that are done with different yarns from that pile.

Hat 201 was using my Turkish scrap yarn.  I always loved this yarn and my scraps really make a nice hat! Just a basic HDC beanie!