Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Hat 215

Hat 215 is done with the Candy Puffs Beanie pattern!  It's hard to tell since the yarn is variegated, another hat to try and do with regular yarn!

Hat 214

Hat 214 is from from the Go with the Flow pattern.  It doesn't quite look like it because of the variegated yarn! I'd like to do another in a colored yarn so it can look a bit more like the pattern!

Hat 213

So this is a super scrap yarn hat!!   My husband said it needed a bit more than on it's own, so I figured I'd go super eccentric and add a bunch of flowers to it!  It's pretty funky and fun, I came close to keeping it!

Hat 212

I got this yarn in the mainland somewhere and I love it.  Its pretty enough to just make a whole hat looks super cute!

Hat 211

I have some extra Moroccan yarn left over from different projects.  I always love the pink, but didn't have enough for a whole hat.  Luckily it looks great with a off white yarn

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Hat 210

Turns out I didn't have enough Red Heart Purple yarn so switched it to some of that cowl yarn that seems to be never ending!  I thought it made the hat looks kind of neat!

Hat 209

I had gotten some Lion Brand Heartland yarn a while back but didn't have that much left.  Just enough to pair the green, and blue with some white to make stripes! I had more than I thought at the end so added a the little extra!

Hat 208

A while back my sister had given me a cowl from the store that she didn't want.  I took it apart and that purple thin yarn has lasted me through so many hats!  Here it is with just some white yarn, looking all pretty!

Hat 207

So this yarn I had used to make the prettiest scarf for my Aunt!  It came out really nice and I had just enough to give this hat some pretty colored stripes!

Hat 206

Just some Red Heart With Love paired with some Variegated yarn I had in my stash!  Made it a little poofy and mushroom like for cuteness!