Sunday, December 18, 2016

Mom's Birthday!

I went and dropped off my hats on Mom's birthday and took in some sushi for the nurses to enjoy for lunch.  It's always nice when I see the same nurses that helped my mom out and get big hugs from them.  It also looked like they had a bunch of hats that had been donated to them, so that's pretty awesome! Now it's time to finish all my Christmas crochet and then start on a new year of hats! This year I might try and work a bit more during the year so I don't have to rush the last couple months to make my number! :)

Monday, December 5, 2016

Hat 200!

My 200th Hat that I've made!!  
This one is some light tan yarn and I have a little machine that makes these cool ropes, so I made one to add onto the hat.

Hat 199

The purple yarn is a bit fuzzy and scratchy, so I crocheted it on the outside of the hat so you can't feel it!

Hat 198

When I was in Colorado I got some Purl Essence Boucle Yarn.  I made a couple scarves from it, but still had a little bit left over.  It's such a soft yarn that I didn't want to pair it with anything that would take away from that.  Plus the coloring makes it look pretty cool.

Hat 197

I don't remember where I got this colorful pretty yarn, but I definitely love how it turned out! I paired it with some thin baby soft yarn in a light peach color!

Hat 196

I always love using having hats in with the Homespun yarn because it is so soft and smushy!  I added a little Impeccable yarn to this since I didn't have enough.  It makes a bit holey, but I think it'll be ok.

Hat 195

Simple hat using an off white color.  Wanted to add a little, so did my button thing!  I hate doing it, but I love how it turns out.  Plus I have waaay too many buttons!

Hat 194

I made this cool hat from the Brain Waves Beanie Pattern.  I've made a few hats for people using this pattern and it always comes out looking pretty cool.  It's also a really easy pattern so bonus!

Hat 193

I had this Autumn colored variegated yarn, but I thought it might be a little too much all by iteself.  So I made a Easy Sideways hat with some Orange yarn.  I was thinking about putting a pom pom on top, but that always makes it seem way too snow hat.  But I had some little tassels and I added one instead of a pom pom!

Hat 192

So the theme this year seems to be using up my scrap yarn!  Here's two different purple scrap yarns and ended with a some Caron Simply Soft.