Thursday, February 4, 2016

Hat 175

When I was in Colorado, we stopped at a JoAnn to check out the yarn.  Of course with so much stuff on sale and so cheap, I had to get a few things.  I found some Purl Essence Rainbow Boucle Yarn and it was a huge skein for very cheap.  I got a couple but after making a hat with it, I wish I had gotten more!  This hat came out so soft and I love how it looks!  I made a little adornment with some Sashay type yarn to add a little extra to it.

Hat 174

Hat 174 is from a pattern, but sadly I don't remember what the pattern was!  I used some Vanna Yarn along with Caron Simply Soft yarn in blue.

Hat 173

Hat 173 is another scrap hat!  This one is all of my Caron Simply Soft yarn scraps put together to make one kinda cool crazy hat!  One day I'll keep one of my scrap hats because I really think they are neat!

Hat 172

So this hat I had originally made for myself.  It's a crochet version of the Jayne hat from Firefly.  I actually even had the ear flaps.  But after making it, I never wore it and decided I should probably give it away.  The ear flaps were a bit much so I took those off.  Now it's just a cute little orange hat!

Hat 171

Hat 171 I used some of my yarn from Michaels' along with some Caron Super Soft to go with it.  I used my Crochet Edgings and Trims book to put on a little extra flair at the end!