Sunday, December 18, 2016

Mom's Birthday!

I went and dropped off my hats on Mom's birthday and took in some sushi for the nurses to enjoy for lunch.  It's always nice when I see the same nurses that helped my mom out and get big hugs from them.  It also looked like they had a bunch of hats that had been donated to them, so that's pretty awesome! Now it's time to finish all my Christmas crochet and then start on a new year of hats! This year I might try and work a bit more during the year so I don't have to rush the last couple months to make my number! :)

Monday, December 5, 2016

Hat 200!

My 200th Hat that I've made!!  
This one is some light tan yarn and I have a little machine that makes these cool ropes, so I made one to add onto the hat.

Hat 199

The purple yarn is a bit fuzzy and scratchy, so I crocheted it on the outside of the hat so you can't feel it!

Hat 198

When I was in Colorado I got some Purl Essence Boucle Yarn.  I made a couple scarves from it, but still had a little bit left over.  It's such a soft yarn that I didn't want to pair it with anything that would take away from that.  Plus the coloring makes it look pretty cool.

Hat 197

I don't remember where I got this colorful pretty yarn, but I definitely love how it turned out! I paired it with some thin baby soft yarn in a light peach color!

Hat 196

I always love using having hats in with the Homespun yarn because it is so soft and smushy!  I added a little Impeccable yarn to this since I didn't have enough.  It makes a bit holey, but I think it'll be ok.

Hat 195

Simple hat using an off white color.  Wanted to add a little, so did my button thing!  I hate doing it, but I love how it turns out.  Plus I have waaay too many buttons!

Hat 194

I made this cool hat from the Brain Waves Beanie Pattern.  I've made a few hats for people using this pattern and it always comes out looking pretty cool.  It's also a really easy pattern so bonus!

Hat 193

I had this Autumn colored variegated yarn, but I thought it might be a little too much all by iteself.  So I made a Easy Sideways hat with some Orange yarn.  I was thinking about putting a pom pom on top, but that always makes it seem way too snow hat.  But I had some little tassels and I added one instead of a pom pom!

Hat 192

So the theme this year seems to be using up my scrap yarn!  Here's two different purple scrap yarns and ended with a some Caron Simply Soft.

Hat 191

Going with the scrap theme, I had some bulky black yarn, but just a little, so it turned into this pretty black and white hat!

Hat 190

Last time I was in Colorado I got these huge skeins of yarn from Michael's.  I don't remember what type of yarn it is, but I still have tons of it!  I'm pretty sure I've made a hat from the yarn, so I wanted to do something different.  I paired it with a off white and made a Easy sideways hat!

Hat 189

I just paired some variegated yarn with a tan yarn to created this hat.  It needed a little something so I grabbed more of my puff stitch flowers!

Hat 188

I have had that super bulky earthy yarn for a while now.  It's so pretty but since I only have a little, and it's SO bulky, I didn't know what to do with it.  So I grabbed around 5 strands of similar colored yarn to make a hat with it.  I wish I had more so I could make a scarf or a whole hat out of it, but it still looks pretty on this hat.

Hat 187

Whenever Sashay yarn goes on sale, I can't help but buy it.  But I've made a few scarves with it, and now I don't really know what to do with it.  So I used it here as regular yarn with a DC stitch.  You can't see, but it's a very pretty sparkled silver yarn and looks much better than the pictures.

Hat 186

In the theme of using up scrap yarn, I still had some of this multi stranded yarn in blue.  I've used it before so it wasn't much.  I think it looks great with Vanna's Choice in white, looks very summer to me.

Hat 185

I had a couple scrap balls of this bright and pretty variegated yarn.  They are similar so I used up the last of the rolls to make this hat. I had the almost the perfect amount, but a little grey brim added muted color to this colorful hat.

Hat 184

Usually I don't use the Supersaver yarn because it's a bit too scratchy.  But I read that if you wash and dry it, it'll soften up.  I had some pink yarn so I added some soft regular tan yarn, just in case it didn't work.  I will say after the wash in conditioner and dry, it did soften, but don't think I'll be using the yarn for hats as it's still not as soft as my other yarns.

Hat 183

So I had some left over from my last hat of the three stranded yarns I made, so I added some brown and green then on the bottom took went back to the three strand but changed one to green for a border.  Since there is that touch of green I grabbed one of my huge flowers and added it in! I think it looks pretty nice!

Hat 182

Hat 182 started as a simple hat with 3 strands of yarn, but it was a bit boring so I added a nice little garland of little Puff stitch flowers!