Monday, March 22, 2010

Hat 34

Hat 34 is one of my favorites. I used a HDC stitch on the hat and with the yarn used, I thought it came out beautifully. I think I'll start using that stitch a lot more on hats because I just find it so very pretty. The yarns were pretty different from each other, so I was a bit worried in the beginning. It wasn't until the middle of the hat I finally figured out that they went together well.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Hat 33

Bucket Hat! I love bucket hats. This was a fairly simple hat done with Caron Eco Yarn. I was thinking about adding another color or yarn to it, but while crocheting, I liked the way it was looking on it's own.

I was also goofing around with different stitches on this one too... On the very top it's SC, then I switched to SC DC SC for a few rows to give it a little puff, and back to SC on the sides, then ending with DC on the brim. In the end a simple and comfy hat!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hat 32

Hat 32 for mom is done with my Bamboo yarn. I'll be pretty unhappy when that yarn runs out. I have a few balls left. I'll have to find a replacement when the time comes.

I had bought some little heart beads when I made a bunch of heart Amigurumis and I wanted to see if I could add them to my hat. The beads pop out a bit on the hat because I didn't want it to touch and irritate the skin when someone wore it. It's my first time working with beads and though I like the hat, not sure if I'll make more. Maybe if I bought some small beads, but it was a bit of a hassle just doing the hat, not sure if I want to deal with even more beads! Plus I have to find small beads that the yarn will fit through the hole. We shall see if the temptation hits me next time I go to the craft store. :)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hat 31

Hat 31 looks a bit like Hat #2 because I used some of the same yarn. I paired it with some Caron Eco Yarn and I think it could be good for both men and women...AND, I've gotten much better at making striped hats, so Hooray! I used the yarn again because every time I open the drawer I pull it out since it's so pretty, and I think I have a little bit left so may use it for another hat later on.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hat 30!

My first hat for the new batch!! I was thinking about making this post "Hat 1" again, but decided I'd like to keep track of the total hats I have even though I've already given 29 away.

On to the new hat!! This one was made with my Bamboo yarn and the end was done with some fuzzy blue yarn I had around. For the top crochet I did a SC, DC, SC, etc stitch. Oh and though I didn't use a pattern specifically, I do have to admit that I did the stitches that way from J.T.'s Favorite Stitch Chemo Cap from the Head Huggers website. It's pretty much what this hat is (I'm assuming) except for the end part which is just all DC since me and fuzzy yarn aren't very friendly. I would have to say that the pattern turned out very pretty, but don't know if I'd do it again since I kept losing track if I got distracted for a moment and it would throw me off. But I do love love love this hat. Not sure if it's the stitch or the blues or what, but I find this hat just so pretty. So maybe I will do the hat again, if only to make another one for myself! :)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Hat Vacation!

Back in business! I took a little break from the hat making and in my time off, I did a bunch of random stuff. I made covers for our metal water bottles, bunnies for easter and I did a cover for our lanai with nylon rope so people can't look in. But I've gotten back into hat making and took some pictures so will be posting those when I get some time.

The Bunny Amigurumi was from the free Amigurumi Bunny Egg Cozy at Lion Brand Yarn (need to register). But instead of leaving it empty to pop in an egg, I filled it with stuffing and closed it up. I made 3 of them to give out as gifts on Easter. The Water Bottle covers were done without a pattern, but was used with just a basic double crochet. Made one basic one and one with a strap so I can take it with me to the park.