Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hat 59

After doing Hat 52, I still had a little of the poofy yarn left over. So figure I'd just finish that last little bit off by pairing it with some regular green yarn I had. Nothing too complex, just something simple.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hat 58!

So about a month ago I saw someone on craig's list selling some yarn. I went over to her place and she had a nice big tupperware full of all different types of yarn, from expensive silk to red heart. I gave her one price for everything and went home with all types of new yarn! This was one of the yarns that was in there.

Hat 58 was done with a HDC stitch. The yarn is actually a few yarns plus threads to make up a nice bulky yarn. I loved how the pattern in the colors turned out in this hat. I added a bit of simply soft Caron in natural to add to the overwhelming pink. There are a couple of rolls of this type of yarn that I have so expect to see similar yarn in future hats.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hat 57

So I'm a bit hooked on joining yarns together. It makes the work go so much faster and I love the looks of 2 different yarns twined together. Here on hat 57 I had a very pretty pastel yarn and paired it with some Caron simply soft eco in Natural. I especially love joining yarns with the Caron simply soft line since I always found it to be slightly too thin but always loved how soft it felt. Whole hat done in a HDC stitch.