Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hat 50!!!

Made it to hat 50!! Yay!

So this yarn is the Michaels' Impeccable yarn that I picked up while in Massachusetts. I tried pairing it with other colors and re-started it about 4 times until I realized I liked it by itself the best. I made a cute little bucket hat out of it with just a simple single crochet stitch. I love the pattern and the colors on this hat. I have a couple more patterned yarns that I got there which I can't wait to try.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hat 49

So, with hat 49, I was looking at my yellow yarn and wanted to make a hat that gave you the idea of a sun. The yarn is all Caron Simply Soft yarn in 3 different colors. The whole hat is done in a HDC stitch. The red goes throughout the entire thing and I would add in the yellow and orange for the stripes. It's a bright hat and I think I got the sun idea down pretty well. The Caron yarn is always a little too thin so pairing it with another yarn or another color seems to work nicely.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hat 48

So I took a vacation to Massachusetts and bought some yarn over there to make a few hats on the drives and plane ride. I had brought with me the last of my Homespun in Edwardian and stopped by Michaels' and picked up some Impeccable yarn in grey. I really wish we had a Michaels' here in Hawaii. So many colors and types and not too expensive!
Anyway, the grey was done with a HDC stitch and the Homespun in a DC. I really like the way this hat turned out. I almost had my sister steal it since we were so cold over there. I may make a similar one for myself at a later date since I still have that grey yarn left.