Saturday, June 21, 2014

More Hats for Family!

So I went to Massachusetts during the first couple weeks of June and had a great time.  Here are the rest of the hats I made for my family!

The first 2 hats I made for my Aunt and Uncle.  Both are from patterns by Kathy Lashley at Elk Studio.  The first is the Hounds tooth hat and the second is the Mystic Beanie both made with Caron one pound yarn.  After showing off the Mystic Beanie to Matt he commented on how it looked great on me, so I may make another one for myself sometime.

Next I made a hat for my cousin using some of the Turkish Variegated yarn I have.  The first one I made using the Diamond Ridges pattern by Kristy Ashmore on Ravelry (need acct). The pattern was a bit confusing and in the end turned out a little small.  So I had another ball of yarn in a different color that I personally liked so tried again but used the Lattice Hat pattern on Rheatheylia.  That one was much easier and turned out a little larger.  Since the pink one didn't fit my cousin I will be either taking it apart to re-use the yarn or buying some new yarn to make a Lattice Hat.  I haven't decided yet.