Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hat 23

The black is my black bamboo/cotton yarn that I got a while back from Elann. The green part pops up slightly, almost a rug type feel to it, but very soft and smooshy. I was trying to pair that yarn with some other color, but kept getting frustrated with how off it kept looking. Black is always good. I found working with the bamboo/cotton yarn was a bit annoying because I would miss a strand of fiber every now and then and so one little strand would pop out, so I would either have to go back and fix it, or try and hide it. After the first couple times, I had to be very careful and keep an eye on my crocheting (No watching TV). I even tried using a bigger hook, but the yarn is just un-cooperative. In the end it's worth it because honestly, I love soft bamboo yarn that much.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Hat 22

Hat 22 is, as you can see, a very colorful hat. I had the rainbow poofy type yarn but not enough to make a whole hat, so paired it with the bright red yarn. I think it looks pretty neat. The yarn is a bit thick, but since I used a double crochet, there are some holes that should not make it not too hot to wear (I hope).