Sunday, December 7, 2014

Hat 139

My New Year's Resolution for this past year was to learn knitting.  I had tried learning through online and books but I just wasn't getting it.  A friend also wanted to learn so we took a class at a local Yarn shop called Yarn Story.  This was my first piece and hat I made using knitting.  Though I like the look a lot, knitting takes much longer than crochet so not sure how many hats I'll be knitting in a future.  Maybe just a couple here and there for fun, but in general I think I'll stick to crochet.

This hat was knit using Vanna's Choice yarn in Seaspray.  I think I like the color for this particular yarn better in knit than crochet.  The brim I crocheted on because I hadn't mastered anything other than basic knitting skills at the time.

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