Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hat 15

I used the Chunky Cap pattern by Kathy North for the top of this hat. On the last picture, I tried to get the cabling that is in the pattern, but it was hard to show up since the yarn is so busy. I was going to make the whole hat from the pattern, but at some point I thought that this hat might be HUGE if I kept going as I should have.

I figure you can wear this hat two ways, both as a beanie and as a fez type hat. The yarn is pretty thick and I ran out of the rainbow yarn halfway through, then made my nephews pick the yarn for the 2nd half since I was having a hard time (what goes with rainbow? everything? nothing?) In the end, I was really happy with the color they chose, AND that I ran out of the rainbow yarn so I could add another color. The orange mutes out the rainbow-ness of the top part real nice and instead of a loud hat, it's a bit more subdued and grown up. Or so I think.

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