Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hat 23

The black is my black bamboo/cotton yarn that I got a while back from Elann. The green part pops up slightly, almost a rug type feel to it, but very soft and smooshy. I was trying to pair that yarn with some other color, but kept getting frustrated with how off it kept looking. Black is always good. I found working with the bamboo/cotton yarn was a bit annoying because I would miss a strand of fiber every now and then and so one little strand would pop out, so I would either have to go back and fix it, or try and hide it. After the first couple times, I had to be very careful and keep an eye on my crocheting (No watching TV). I even tried using a bigger hook, but the yarn is just un-cooperative. In the end it's worth it because honestly, I love soft bamboo yarn that much.


  1. Oh the color combo looks wonderful. Well all your hard work paid off. So beautiful indeed. Whats the green portion you have used, is it some sort of special yarn or is it a pattern?

  2. Thanks! The green was one of those fun yarns that poof out when you use them. I only had a small ball of it, but wanted to use it since it was so soft. :)