Saturday, August 28, 2010

Hat 39!

Got back on the hat track and have been working hard. I had been worried that I wouldn't have 20 hats by December so spent a couple weeks crocheting my little heart out and now have 20 so I can relax and go back to making hats at my leisure.

Here is hat 39 made with twining some Caron simply soft in Denim wash and some fuzzy blue and yellow yarn together. The fuzzy yarn also has a little sparkle to it so it adds a little pizazz to the hat. Not too long ago I bought a few big buttons just for the fun of it and thought it might look kinda nice on this hat. Can't tell by the pictures, but the brim isn't all the way around, but just in the front so it's sort of like a cap. Whole thing done in double crochet, and since it's a bit thick since it's 2 yarns and one is slightly fuzzy, the holes shouldn't be too bad at all.

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