Saturday, April 9, 2011

Cthulhu and other Amigurumi

So decided to try out some Amigurumi since I always think they are so cute.
All of these are from Patterns and I'll put the links on the bottom of this post.

Cthulhu - The first one was the big green one which I used some Red Heart Supersaver. I showed it to some friends and a couple requested their own so I made another green and a purple one. Those were made with the Caron Supersoft which I thought turned out much cuter since they ended up being much smaller than the first one.

Mario Mushrooms - I made the mini one and then a friend asked if she could have it. So I made her 2 more to go along with it. All done with Red Heart Supersaver yarn.

Striped Turtles - I made the big one first and gave that to my nephew but they were so cute I had to make more. I made them a little smaller than the pattern said and used Red Heart on both of the smaller ones.

Octopus - He was a nice and easy guy to make. I haven't given him away yet, but he's pretty darn cute. Red heart yarn again!

Thank you to everyone that posted free patterns!

Tiny Cthulhu -
Mini Mario Mushroom -
Mario Brother's Mushrooms -
Tiny Striped Turtle -
Octopus -

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  1. (Hmm, thought I posted this comment already, sorry if it's a double) So cute!! I love things that are creepycute :) Thanks for posting the links to the patterns.I need these guys!