Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Another year of hats!

Just dropped off 25 hats to the chemo ward.  I also brought the nurses some lunch type pastries and some dessert pastries because they work so hard.  Another year down and time to start working on next years hats.  I probably won't start will January since this will be a pretty busy month, but who knows, maybe I'll get a couple out this month if I'm good.  I've got no big projects that are coming up (that I know of) so I should be fine with making a bunch of hats.  This past year was a bit hard making my 25 quota, but got it finished with a push at the end.  This year I also made a shrug for my mother in law, hat and scarves for my 2 aunts, a couple rugs to try and either sell or use, plus a couple hats for random people so it's been a busy crochet year.

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