Thursday, May 8, 2014

Moroccan Stitch Afghan!

So after I finished the heart blanket, I was looking at the Moroccan stitch over on Moogly and totally fell in love with it.  I made a quick cowl using it and wanted to do more.  I'll be visiting Korea this year and wanted to make a cousin a blanket.  I've only met her once before so I wanted it to be more than just a plain stitch afghan with regular yarn.

I have been very stingy in using my pretty Turkish yarn, but I thought a blanket using it would be beautiful.  Though I did add an extra HDC row between each Moroccan stitch because I thought it might make the colors stand out a bit more and also I wasn't sure if I had enough of the variegated yarn to make the blanket as big as I wanted.  Turns out I shouldn't have worried, I still have 2-3 skeins left!

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