Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hat 26!

Yes Yes, I'm still working on my hats! And yes yes, It's I've been pushing myself to get all the finishing touches done. They are about ready to go, made the tags, got all the pictures taken and either this week or next week I'll take them in. I was thinking that the 8th was my mom's birthday so that would be a nice birthday gift for her.

On to the hat! Here is hat 26 and it's made with Lion Brand's Homespun yarn in Colonial Blue.
I actually bought the yarn a long time ago when I first started crocheting and had a really hard time making a hat with it so gave it up and put it on the side. I figured I had a little practice with annoying yarns since then so I'd try again! I made sure to make it easy with a double crochet, but the holes are pretty small since the yarn is err..wiggly? The blue is so pretty, I love this simple hat for that alone. I made it a bit long so you can flip it up to make it tight on your head or you can make the brim short and have the hat a bit poofy. Made the top part slightly poofy in case someone wants to wear it that way. Ok, so maybe I didn't plan that part out, but turned out to be the case and I thought it looked pretty good that way too. Oh, and btw, that yarn is really soft, might have to buy some more next time I go to the store!

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  1. That hat looks so comfy! I love homespun. It can be a little difficult to get used to but the results are well worth the effort!