Friday, December 11, 2009

Hat 29!!

Today I Finally after much procrastination dropped off my hats!!! My mom's birthday was on the 8th so I was 3 days late with her present. But as my husband said, she'd probably say "SOO?!?! I also took the Chemo nurses some doughnuts since they work hard and deserve something too! It's a nice big weight off my shoulder to get that done and I hope people like the hats I made.

Here's the last hat I made of all the hats I dropped off. This one is made out of some spare white and brown yarn and some green Eco yarn from Caron. Yes, I seem to be semi-addicted to that yarn. They come in such nice colors and the fact that it's soft and has no wool just makes it perfect for the hats. I just wish it came a little bit thicker. The flower is large, but I thought it went along nicely with the hat. And as usual, I put it on a pin so it's removable.

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