Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hat 32

Hat 32 for mom is done with my Bamboo yarn. I'll be pretty unhappy when that yarn runs out. I have a few balls left. I'll have to find a replacement when the time comes.

I had bought some little heart beads when I made a bunch of heart Amigurumis and I wanted to see if I could add them to my hat. The beads pop out a bit on the hat because I didn't want it to touch and irritate the skin when someone wore it. It's my first time working with beads and though I like the hat, not sure if I'll make more. Maybe if I bought some small beads, but it was a bit of a hassle just doing the hat, not sure if I want to deal with even more beads! Plus I have to find small beads that the yarn will fit through the hole. We shall see if the temptation hits me next time I go to the craft store. :)

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