Monday, March 1, 2010

Hat Vacation!

Back in business! I took a little break from the hat making and in my time off, I did a bunch of random stuff. I made covers for our metal water bottles, bunnies for easter and I did a cover for our lanai with nylon rope so people can't look in. But I've gotten back into hat making and took some pictures so will be posting those when I get some time.

The Bunny Amigurumi was from the free Amigurumi Bunny Egg Cozy at Lion Brand Yarn (need to register). But instead of leaving it empty to pop in an egg, I filled it with stuffing and closed it up. I made 3 of them to give out as gifts on Easter. The Water Bottle covers were done without a pattern, but was used with just a basic double crochet. Made one basic one and one with a strap so I can take it with me to the park.

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